Almost every Instagram beginner and season Instagrammer knows the fact that you can take a video or photo, add filter, write a caption and use a few hashtags and tag the photo to a location in Instagram. But Instagram is not all about these things, especially for businesses. But there are people who spend most of their time browsing and following lots of popular Instagram users. They may have adopted certain posting trends which only a few users know.

Post in Landscape or Portrait Mode

Videos and photos you post on Instagram should be cropped and posted in square. Virtually all smartphone cameras take pictures in both landscape and portrait. It is not possible to find photos which are posted without cropping on Instagram. This way, Squaready is an app on iOS that can definitely help you.


Combine Videos or Photos in a Post to Make Framed Collage

Some posts are framed as collage and are made of collection of photos. Some frames feature around two videos or photos when other has around 5, 6, 7 and more. It is the convenient option to showcase your collection of related videos and photos in a post instead of posting them individually.


Add Text Overlay in Various Fonts and Colors

You can definitely write everything out you require to explain in the description of your post. Sometimes, adding some quotes or few words to your actual video of photos with an adorable font is a lot better.  There are lots of text overlay apps to add your message in unique fonts.


Repost from another User

Instagram is among the few well-known social media apps which basically doesn’t have repost or re-share feature that can be used to post some other videos and photos from friends on your page. You have the option to take screenshot of the post of your friend and use it.


Get More Likes with Popular Hashtags

Pro users know how to choose the right hashtag and how to get more likes with it. Rather than adding hashtags manually with a new post every time, you have the option to use app which can curate the well-known hashtags and add them directly to the posts. It can enhance your posts’ potential to gain more likes.


Add Music to a Photo Slideshow and Post as Video Clip

At some point of time, you may have found some of the Flipagram slideshow videos on Instagram. With this app, you can add photos from Facebook, Instagram or your device and put together and make a slideshow. Embed some music and post it to Instagram. You can share your collection as a video clip.


Edit Photos with Transitions, Music and Other Effects

On Instagram, posting videos is more than just posting traditional uncut clips of your memories. These days, businesses posting videos which teach, help and inform followers about something. In fact, some use it to sell services or products. Professional editing is involved to do that. There are different kinds of apps to try out.