Instagram is a free social platform and photo sharing app launched on October 2010. With the help of this application, users can take pictures using their mobile devices, apply a filter on it, and share with others. Instagram is enjoying vast popularity not only among individuals, but also businesses. It has outperformed Twitter when it comes to user activity. You can easily add Instagram tab on your Facebook page and enhance exposure. You can use an application to integrate both your Facebook and Instagram and connect both of them.

Instagram Feed on Facebook Page

Installing Instagram App on Facebook

Log in to your Facebook account (be sure that it is an account which can access fan page you want to integrate with). First of all, you have to search and install Instagram app. In the search bar, type ‘Instagram’ and the Instagram options will be appeared on the drop down menu. Under “Apps” you have to choose Instagram which has the option “Instagram ffeed for fan pages”.

Install Instagram App

After clicking “Instagram feed for fan page” option, you will enter the page where you have to click the button “Go to App” and the application will be installed.

Choosing Pages to Integrate

The next step would be allowing Facebook to integrate with your Instagram pages. Keep in mind that it has the fan pages which can be accessed by the account. It doesn’t literally mean that you can install Instagram on all the pages.  Complete this step by clicking the blue button which is entitled with “Allow” option.

Selecting Pages which Covers Instagram App

Since most of the processes have been finished, you need to complete few more steps. Now most of the processes have been finished and you have few more steps to do. After enabling your Instagram app to access your Facebook account, you need to choose the pages you need to feature on Instagram app. For example, you just want Instagram on two of the pages; you can choose circles for these options. Click blue button mentioning “Add Instagram Feed Tab”. In this application, you can choose only one page at once. To add your feed to another fan page, you have to repeat this step.

Validating Instagram Login and Account Info

After doing the last step, it will show a login window. Fill in the login info for Instagram account which should be featured on your page. Now you can see your Instagram app on the Facebook page for applications.

Using InstaTab

You can easily set up this tab. You can present your photos in medium grid, tiny grid form or larger. In this app, what we like is that it allows users for comments and visitors can also share their pictures on Facebook. It increases interaction with the pictures on Facebook. All of your Instagram photos will be displayed clearly for the users to view. You can get other options to change the thumbnail size of the photos. Users can also comment on your Instagram photos and share them via Facebook with this app.