Getting featured on the “Most Popular” list is undoubtedly one of the best ways to gain quick and tremendous social recognition on Instagram. Just after the moment when team Instagram sends you a message congratulating you to make way to the “Most Popular” list, you can get the number of followers increasing rapidly. How exciting it is? Now you are wondering how to make it happen.

In order to become most popular in social platform, you have to consider these strategies. Here is the secret formula to become “Most Popular” member on Instagram.

The “Most Popular” algorithm on Instagram is not actually known though the number of likes seems to be a valuable factor. You can easily increase the chances to appear in “Most Popular” list and it can improve the number of likes as quicker as possible.

Once you get plenty of likes, you can become the part of this VIP community. This way, getting the huge number of followers is the most important and basic criterion. You have to work on your profile with keen interest to get it done.  Like Twitter, you have to follow plenty of people to get the followers back in return because most of them will add you also. You have to keep doing good work, be patient and constant.


Promote Your Profile Well

  • You have to use your nickname and original name. Choose nickname which is easy to remember and mention.
  • Profile Picture – Though you don’t think yourself as a pretty girl or handsome guy, you can still try a few tricks so your profile can stand out.
  • You can promote some other elements on your profile such as humility, humanity and humor.


Boost Yourself to Reach “Most Popular”

  • You have to be original, creative and take your time editing.
  • You can add titles, use effects and give a human touch to your pictures.
  • Geo-tag your pictures and link your account to Foursquare
  • Transfer knowledge to the users. You can add value to your users’ lives and you can get them following you with more interest.
  • You can use emoticons in your nicks and comments to be specific.
  • Add interest to your users. In order to add bigger group, be ready and spend more time to communicate with community.
  • Take your time to hold contests.
  • Hits are really worth considering. You should never forget to congratulate and thank your followers.


Keep in mind that there are up to 1 million Instagram users on the web. It is a global platform. So, you have to tag your location to become most popular. If you are from USA or Japan where Instagram is used hugely, you are most likely to enter the rank of “Most Popular”. Apart from location, timing is also important to achieve more followers. Instagram soon starts taking various countries, themes and local factors into mind when it comes to create “Most Popular” rank.  You should always focus on followers to make way to the Most Popular.